Based on International Law commentaries, a diagnosed pedophile on a rampage of child abuse would still be protected from criminal charges from diminished imputability in 2022 “Because of the reduced ability for self-control, it would seem that this order would diminish imputability for any crime.” Protect (Y)Our Children

The International Law:

The presence of a proven grave psychic personality disorder in a person diminishes the imputability of the offender. ‘The older presumptions that any sexual act is a matter of the will have generally given way to evidence to the contrary. This evidence has shown that in situations involving a dis-order, the person has a seriously diminished ability to control his or her actions. [This person] experiences a much higher and more in-tense level of compulsion for sex than one who is not afflicted with a disorder. The fact of the higher level of compulsion must be considered by ecclesiastical superiors as they deal with pedophile clergy. Because of the reduced ability for self-control, it would seem that this order would diminish imputability for a canonical crime.”

Theodore (Ted) McCarrick

Pope Francis’ new 2021 criminal law says:

Can. 1321 — § 1. Any person is considered innocent until the contrary is proved. No one can be punished unless the commission by him or her of an external violation of a law or precept is gravely imputable by reason of malice or of culpability. Malice or Culpability is only assigned by the local Bishop. Ted McCarrick was the local Bishop for thousands of cases across the world.

§ 2. A person who deliberately violated a law or precept is bound by the penalty prescribed in that law or precept. If, however, the violation was due to the omission of due diligence, the person is not punished unless the law or precept provides otherwise.

§ 3. Where there has been an external violation, imputability is presumed, unless it appears otherwise.”

Two Birds in the Hand – The Organizations behind each Permit this Evil to Exist The mothers are just protecting the very organizations that promote sexual abuse with Canon & Royal Law

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