Catholic Bishops Have Shoved Me into a Wound of Jesus Christ

Finding Inner, Daily Peace →Fortune Favors the Brave

Initial Survival is paramount when living in abuse. Find God ! Ask Him in daily prayer to guide you forward. As the abuse eases and ceases and you’re less afraid, let God Enter. This is the only way to triumph over those who prey upon your innocence.

Let me offer a guide to progressive relief.    This could help you find peace.  What was so freely given to me, I pass along to you.   Please listen to the podcasts, read our pamphlets and let God enter your heart.  As you grow be sure to help another person, no matter how small, it’s important for our own growth. 

After the Abuse ceases, I plead with you to be fearless from the very start.  You will know a new freedom and happiness.  Together we will grow with God to be the person we always wanted to be.  Join us now.  God Bless

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