31 years 3 days


At this season of Thanksgiving, let us pause for those who are living without Jesus Christ.  When a life is lived without God’s Good Grace, it becomes cold, stagnant and dull.  We do the same actions, eat the same food, stumble the same process each day and believe all that is bad in the world is someone else’s fault. We complain, but do nothing.  Even our prayers are spoken without thought or conviction.  Our dreams are dull or full of materialistic choices.  Let us each stand and rejoice in all the best efforts we have bestowed on others.  

We must change our daily actions to include quiet time in reflection of all that makes us better people.  Not better deliverers of material items – anyone can provide this.  We must better deliver our irreplaceable items:   our time, affection and approval for others.  

As a child, I always yearned for the attention of my parents, siblings, guardians, coaches and teachers.  “It” was not always there for me…   Was I looking in the wrong spaces? Not hearing their words?  Was I too immature to listen?  Had I missed the lesson to receive the grace of God?   No~! I was not there to hear, feel and enjoy God’s words spoken through others. I was cut off by my own weakness.  I was impeded to the Grace of God.

In my early years. My immature mind was shattered by a man who needed me to be with him.  The devil has very little trouble with those who don’t believe in God. The devils are already on his side.  This Devilish man Impeded my path to Christ.  Unbeknownst to me, I lived many years in the shadows of darkness until the lid closed down on me completely.  I was cut off from God’s Holy Grace.  I lived in great sin until a person on earth who loved me so unconditionally, died, rose to heaven, returned to me and changed me forever. My great saint came to save me 111991.

“Unless God Almighty sends to this world a great saint we cannot expect deliverance from the spirit of evil.  Why a saint?  Because the rest of us are too close to our times…The world will not be saved by anyone living in it now, but by someone lifted up from it.”  

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

I was told by my siblings how great my father’s love was for me.  It was then I knew my father was called by Christ to save me from the devil’s grip.   For the love of my father is forever ingrained in my heart.  It is His Love I give to others.  Someday, I may be so fortunate to rise and save one from the grips of evil.

My endless attempts to pause, help and heal have fallen short of my desired result.  Am I too unfortunate in believing only a full turn from evil will mark my success?   Many wonderfully holy men and women planted fast growing positive seeds in me all through my life’s journey.  I have finally made the full turn.  It took years . . . I pray each day for the ability to keep my face toward God’s Holy Light.

My daily thoughts of hope, prayers, and meditation of unconditional love for  one very important young person in my life seems to be falling short..  This brings me great sadness, the same sadness my father endured many days of his life.   How am I to continue to love unconditionally?  I know in my heart, unconditional love brings unconditional love to me.  I love “her” so much, so I must continue to be positive. Everything happens for a reason, never by mistake in God’s world. 

Let us go out and decorate with God’s love.

Published by Robert Johnson, PhD

Ready for a Change

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