There is a vast difference between the individual who gets drunk because he loves liquor and the one who does it because he hates or fears something else so much that he has to run away from it. The first becomes the drunkard, the second the alcoholic. The drunkard pursues the exhilaration of liquor; the alcoholic pursues the obliteration of memory. Very few men or women ever become alcoholics because they like alcohol: they become alcoholics because they – violently dislike something else

That is why, in some instances, the cure of alcoholism implies the facing of the very problem one is seeking to escape. And this procedure is impossible without self-knowledge. But Self knowledge is just the beginning of a long life of prayer & peace in the arms of God.

We work steps up towards a life of peace and contentment. This life will always materialize for those who need proof. For us who have an unimpeded path to Christ our lives are immediately transformed to serenity unfelt at any other time of life. On 111991 God lifted me from the insidious madness of abusers to a life of peace. His work was immediate, my “doubting Thomas” belief took 63 days. 11,263 days later I am at peace, share most of my time with Jesus Christ than the demons in my past. God has certainly done more for me than I have Ever Done for myself.

God bless

Published by Robert Johnson, PhD

Ready for a Change

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